How to use price promotions for increased book sales?

So you have written your book, edited the cover page and it is ready to be published but wait, how you are going to get readers for your book? That is a key question that most of the authors ask to themselves. But don’t worry, there are different tactics available for authors to help them spread the word about a book. From social media to paid advertising, you will find several options but the most effective tactic among all is a price promotion on your book. Now the question is what is price promotion?

Price promotion on books:

A price promotion is generally an act of putting a concentrated marketing activity around the title for a limited time period such as “title” is free or priced under $3.99 till “date”.Typically, gaining new readers, generating reviews and increased revenue are the three major goals behind any book sale or price promotion but for primary authors the main purpose is always to attract more readers. If you are not a best selling author, then getting your book in the hands of new readers who then share it with their friends, talk about it within their social media networks and buy your other books is more than winning an award. And this is the most important outcome of a book promotion. So when you know the importance of a book promotion, let’s dig in the details of how one can make it more productive.

The first step after your book is discounted you should do is to let your readers know about it. Let’s divide your possible readers into two groups:

Your existing readers: Communication is the best key when you want to let your readers about an upcoming promotion. An email to your mail list and a post on social media is enough to let your existing database know about your upcoming book. Word of Mouth is another effective marketing strategy so get your fans talking about it.

New readers: This is where you need some ebook promotional services. Online website promotion sites like Daroga has a separate section for authors to list their upcoming book sales so that they can reach to some new readers. Such sites have different promotional categories like furniture, fashion, kidswear and kitchen appliances sale offers.

What else should be done for a successful book promotion?

There are mainly three things that could encourage downloads for your book. And here they are:

Cover:  The cover of your book should be engaging, thematically correct and must be easy to read. The cover of your book acts as a hook that draws attention to your book. So invest a little and have a professionally looked cover image for your book.

Book Description: Create such a description for your book that is short, compelling and leave your readers in an ache to know more. You can also introduce your characters and give a hint of the conflict or you can also relate your book to a best selling author or a book like: “fans of —- will also love this book!”  

Reviews: Reviews are the final trait that readers look at to justify a book. Buying a book is just like buying a gadget, readers before taking a chance on any book look at its reviews and if your book is above the average review score i.e. 3.5, then chances are you will get a good number of readers.

So this is all we can sum up in a single post for book promotions although there are many things to explain. But one thing is for sure that by spacing out a regular price promotion you can surely scale up your author catalogue.

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