When is the right time to buy new kitchen appliances?

“Necessity never made a good bargain” these words of Benjamin Franklin was true back in his time and still have significance. Buying a new appliance is just like planning a trip. Consider you want to go beach day after tomorrow and when you go online to book a ticket, you find the prices are astronomical. Instead, if you had planned your trip months ago, you would have had a plenty of time to find a good deal. Similarly, if you plan ahead, you will get plenty of time to find a good deal at an appliance store before your existing appliance gets out of work. This is because many of the appliance stores online and offline offer exclusive appliance sales at a certain time of the year.

But the question is when is the right time to get an appliance? Or what if you need an appliance immediately? Hold on, we have summarised all of your answers below:

When to buy a new appliance?

Many of us buy a large appliance with a hope that they will use them all the way up till they die. While an appliance guarantees you of its maximum use, it doesn’t notify you when is the time to plan for a new appliance. you need to get a rough idea of when an appliance will get out of commision.  So that you can plan a purchase prior to an appliance immediately breaks. Many companies give you an estimation of your appliance life to help you plan your next purchase efficiently. Also, if an appliance is working poorly then it may be on its last legs. For example, if a fridge is struggling to maintain a temperature below 40-degree Fahrenheit, it may be because it has some functioning issue that can also reflect on your energy bill.

Best time to buy a new appliance:

September and October:

During the months of September and October, manufacturers unveil their latest models that mean previous year models are at discounted prices. A good deal for shoppers.


Unlike all the other appliances, refrigerators are of no use in winters. Hence manufacturers roll out new models for refrigerators in the month of May.


Some appliance stores put their inventory on sale when they move to the next year. So you may get some better deals but the selection is limited.

End of the month:

Retailers are more likely to sell their items at the end of the month. So gear up all your negotiation strategies and get the best deal for your new kitchen appliance.

Ultimately, you will get a better off, if you plan your purchase beforehand. Give a chance to all the options available, keep an eye on all the online website promotions and you will surely get a good deal. 

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