5 Tips to successfully shop the fashion sales

SALES – a single word is enough to make probably all the shoppers go crazy. Sales Season is undoubtedly the best time to shop and get some amazing deals. Be it an online or an offline fashion sale, it creates a thumping buzz among all the shopaholic souls. It attracts a lot of people and with our tips to shop in sales season, you will be able to save a great deal of money and will help you buy the things that you will need and end up using. Shopping in sales is not that easy. You need to be smart as in sales you don’t get the best stuff always. Read on these 5 tips to become a smart shopper during the sales season.

Understand the sales cycle:

Retail stores always want to make more money for the goods on their shelves. That’s the reason they put higher-priced items upfront and sales items in the back. But if an item is 30% discount it doesn’t mean it is less fashionable. Here is one more thing. Merchandise in Fashion or any other sales like furniture, appliance sale is ever-changing and store owners can’t afford to have old items hang on the racks for a longer time. They keep changing their items in the span of six to eight weeks. So If you didn’t get what you want on your first visit, revisit the store after six weeks.

Shop on Thursdays:

If you are desperately eyeing on a pair of shoes for a long time, then Thursday is the best day to own it. Store owners know that people visit shopping malls on weekends, hence they begin preparations on Thursday to roll up old fashion apparels and rotate new fashion apparels into the store. On Fridays and Saturdays, you might get the best deals but you have to select from a limited collection where on Thursday you’ll have a brand new stack of on sale items.

Make a targeted approach:

Keep in mind what you really want and make a list of items for which you want to make use of sale. This will save you from overspending and from buying the things that you won’t use for long. Restrict your impulsive shopping nerves during the sale season. Your heart desires a full rack of makeup but your pocket doesn’t allow it.

Keep in mind the ease of changeroom:

This one is specifically for offline or store sales when you go shopping for clothes. Wear something loose and comfortable when you are going shopping. A loose dress, flats or slip-on shoes and a cross body bag is perfect and can save you enough time in the changing room.

Know the return policy:

Stock clearance sale, Diwali sale, End of season sale and every other sale is certainly a good time for shopping. In the excitement of getting new clothes at cheaper prices, we often get things that don’t fit right. So never forget to find out the return and refund policies. Many stores online and offline don’t accept returns on the items purchased during sales so talk to the store manager to know more about it.

When prices on your favourite fashion brands slashed, the temptation of buying can be overwhelming even the garment you are trying to fit in is not the right size. Hence keep a cool head and only spend your cash when it is really worth it.

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