5 quick ways you can get coupons and discounts in Australia

There are not many discount options in Australia as we see in other parts of the world. Most of the Australians know about FlyBuys, Everyday Rewards and Qantas Frequent Buyers which offer some discounts. But, do you know there are many more options that can give you a good discount on your next big purchase. Here we have combined some quick ways to get some coupons and discounts in Australia. Let’s have a look:

Special sale offers:

In this span of a year, there are a lot of occasions when your favourite store (online and offline) promotes big sales on their products. To save some amount on your desirable products like clothing, furniture, books, appliances and others, it is necessary to be informed about the latest sales in the market. Daroga is one such kind of website promotion site that list all kind of recent and upcoming sales in your local area.

Check for any sign-up bonuses:

Many online businesses offer huge sign-up bonuses as a promotional strategy of their brand. These sign up bonuses can range from $10 off to a free meal and even $100 off. So when buying anything online search for their rewards program, loyalty clubs and any newsletter option with bonuses.

Check for their receipts:

Do you know many stores have coupons and discounts on the back of their receipts? Pizzas, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning and accommodation business seem to be the most obvious business areas that promote discounts on the back of their receipts.

Read newspapers for deals:

Newspapers are the best option for website promotions that promote anything exciting in your business. So before heading out for shopping, make sure you read the newspaper for any recent deals on the market. If you are a resident of NSW, VIC and QLD, you can check out Smart Saver for all local deals and coupons. This will really help you a lot.

Make use of Referral codes:

Referral programs as we all are aware of are great when it comes to discounts. There are also some referral programs that offer both the new user and referrer a discount, payment or some special offer. For example, Airbnb promotes $50 discount if anyone uses a referral URL and Uber gives $10 and $20 off on its first rides when a referral code is used. There are many more referral examples that offers aided benefits to both the parties so make sure you use them.

Last but not the least, before buying anything make a quick search on Google by typing anything that you want to purchase with “discounts”, “coupons” or “sales” like this. For example type furniture “Sale” if you want to know about the latest sales on the popular furniture stores of your area. Trust us, a little search can save you big Dollars.

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